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Introduction to Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Tutorial Problems 1: 8085 programming problems
Tutorial Problems 2: 8086 programming problems

Microprocessors Lab
There are 10 lab sessions in this course. Initial report of each lab is essential while attending the lab class. Initial report should contain the programs (mnemonics with op-codes) of all given programs as well as problems and assignments in the lab sheet.

Lab No.
Lab 0 Familiarization with 8085 kit *
Lab 1 Data transfer instructions  
Lab 2 Arithmetic operations  
Lab 3 Logical operations   
Lab 4 Branching and Stack  
Lab 5 Miscellaneous problems in 8085  
Lab 6 Familiarization with DOS DEBUG /Assembly Language   *
Lab 7 Assembly language programming I with 8086  
Lab 8 Assembly language programming II with 8086  
Lab 9 Assembly language programming III with 8086  
Lab 10 Lab Exam **

* You don’t need to submit initial as well as final report.
** Submit all previous lab reports while attending the lab exam.

The mark distribution for the practical is as follows:
Regularity/Performance/Initial report   10
Final report of each module 10
Viva /Objective test 15
Final lab test after completing all experiments              15 
Total   50






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