Proposal Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Proposal


Your proposal should include:

 [Students can add their own topics or sub-topics as per necessity.]



Your proposal should be submitted in plastic-tape-binding form. The proposal should meet following standards:

Font Name: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 points

Paper Size: A4

Left Margin: 1.5 inch

Right Margin: 1.25 inch

Top Margin: 1 inch

Bottom Margin: 1 inch

Header and Footer: 0.5 inch

Line Spacing: 1.5

Heading should be written in following styles and points

1 Heading 1:        18 points (Bold)

1.1 Heading 2:           16 points (Bold)

1.1.1 Heading 3:             14 points (Bold) Heading 4:               13 points (Bold)


Some previously submitted projects:


Group Formation:

Following rules are to be followed while forming the group:


Deadline for submission of Proposal:

Respective lab time of Lab 5 of each group